February Home Checklist

February Home Checklist

Happy February! In honour of Valentine’s Day, this month’s checklist is all about giving your home (and loved ones) some extra TLC. Check out our top to-dos to keep your home clean, cozy and clutter-free.

Keep driveways and walkways clear

Winter weather can be unpredictable and overwhelming (brief flashback to last year’s “snow-mageddon”). Once hit with a fresh coat of powder, stay on top of outdoor maintenance by keeping your driveway and walkway clear for vehicles and visitors. To avoid a nasty slip or fall, sprinkle salt or sand post snow-clearing.

Clean mudroom or entryway

Unless all who enter are instructed to remove footwear prior to entering your abode, your front entryway or mudroom floor has probably had its share of winter remnants. Give your floor a good scrub to remove salt stains and consider adding a large mat to soak up those wet boots.

De-clutter mud room or entryway

Scarves, hats, mitts and boots can build up quickly during the winter months. Stay on top of the clutter with storage solutions that will ensure everything stays in its place when not in use. A bench with a removable top will do double duty in a mudroom or entryway.

Clean interior windows

It may be too cold to clean exterior windows, but interior windows could still use a good scrub. Clean windows ensure the maximum amount of natural light is entering your home.

Ensure furniture isn’t blocking heating vents

If your home is lacking warmth, it may be a simple solution. When heat vents are blocked, warm air is unable to circulate and fill a space. Ensure vents are clear and uncovered and remove any furniture that may be hindering your home’s heat.


This should really be on every month’s checklist. Discard anything that’s just taking up space or those items you rarely or never use. Check out local donation drop-offs and find out which items are in high demand. Kick clutter to the curb this month!

Update paint colours

If cold weather keeps you cooped up inside, your home may start to feel a little drab. Brighten up a tired space with a fresh coat of paint. Head to your local home store and pick out a handful of paint swatches. Have fun pairing them with home accents and deciding which colour would be best in your space.

Check and change furnace filters

Change your furnace filter every few months to ensure your heating system is functioning as efficiently as possible.

Take a time out for the ones you love

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching! Once you’ve tackled our home maintenance to-do list, take time out from your hectic schedule to share some quality time with that special someone.

Whether you’re looking to change the paint on the walls, renovate that newly de-cluttered mudroom or want someone to tackle a growing honey-do list, we’ve got you covered. Just call 902-488-5683. For even more inspiration, check out our blog and portfolio at iloverenovations.ca.

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At I Love Renovations all of us take becoming a renovation contractor very earnestly. We all realize that unquestionably when folks are looking for an experienced renovation contractor people want the top. Continuously we all push to really be the best renovation contractor we could be around Nova Scotia. It is really our dedication to absolutely being the ideal that has earned us this good esteem here with our valued clientele.

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Certainly, there truly are not too many renovation contractor who maintain the exact skill set and track record to market themselves as a leader of their market. Combine that with our superior level of consumer support and truly we really feel we absolutely are the finest experienced renovation contractor inside Nova Scotia.

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Devotion to Top Quality - A Major Renovations Specialist and A Handyman

Our commitment to higher quality is exceedingly significant. For anyone wanting to be an experienced renovation contractor or an experienced renovation contractor, there's in fact not one other choice but to give it your very best in order to stand out. If perhaps any specified consumer requires more attention, all of us give that particular purchaser extra work. Whatever's necessary for us to make sure they are thrilled with us as a renovation contractor. Also remember, we work with all of Nova Scotia, and so please get in touch.

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Our valued purchasers have reported us as an experienced renovation contractor, an experienced renovation contractor, an experienced renovation contractor and furthermore the best Nova Scotia based renovation contractor there is! Really this doesn't develop unless there is exceptionally hard work along with investment in your customers plus the excellent quality bestowed within your finished product. In case you're searching to find an experienced renovation contractor, we definitely contend that we're the better choice. Contact I Love Renovations to speak about your expections immediately! 902.488.5683.

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In almost any sector, experience often is a crucial aspect when it comes to success. When you're searching for an experienced renovation contractor, then this will be far more real. With being a renovation contractor, we will definitely explain to anyone decisively how the ultimate outcome will be measured through the past experience of the organization that you have been hiring. The extremely large volume of practical knowledge that I Love Renovations has in being an experienced renovation contractor, is simply why anyone must invest in all of us for your important critical needs. In case you might be browsing to get an experienced renovation contractor, consider I Love Renovations. Certainly speak to all of us straightaway.

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