IKEA and The Environmental Impact

IKEA and The Environmental Impact


IKEA’s entire product is recyclable, and their website states a whopping 40% of most homes’ energy consumption takes place in the kitchen. By installing efficient faucets, appliances and bins for composting, recycling, and waste, you can improve your daily footprint.

Other ways IKEA minimizes environmental impact:

• Their kitchens are flat packed, which drastically cuts down on shipping costs and emissions.Thanks to their flat packed system we are able to shipmultiple kitchens at a time, cutting down costs and emissions.
• Unlike the industry standard MDF, IKEA uses low to zero VOC MDF, which means the off gassing is either very minimal to zero.
• IKEA forces all of its suppliers to source wood from forests certified as responsibly managed. Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is so far the only forest certification standard supported by IKEA.

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