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Home Staging In Phoenix: Phoenix Home Stager Shares 5 Bathroom Tips For Selling.

The bathroom is nearly as important as the kitchen when it comes to selling a property. How the bathrooms appear to buyers is a big deciding factor in the sale. Home Stagers know and address this, but here are a few effective tips that you DIYers can try.

Bathrooms must sparkle and shine.

The condition of the bathrooms will determine how buyers think you cared for the rest of the property. Tile, sinks, tubs, showers, and mirrors must always be sparkling clean when showing a property.

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Remove any personal items and area rugs.

You don't want buyers to see the bathroom as yours. It's uncomfortable stepping into a bathroom with someone else's personal items scattered about. By removing area rugs from the floors, the space will feel larger. Remember, you're selling space. Get plastic tubs to hold all personal items and store under the vanity in the cabinet. When using the bathroom, reach down and bring the tub out to use the items, then tuck them away, out of sight again. Notice this before and after below .

Use "show bath linens" to Show.

Use show linens in the bathrooms. They are for appearance only and should not be used. Then use other personal towels when cleaning yourself. Tuck the "daily use" towels in the laundry or closet, out of sight to buyers. Think Model Home! What may be small inconveniences to your family will go a long way in getting your property sold quickly, so you can move on.

Create a "Spa-like" atmosphere in the master bathroom.

The master suite should be shown as a tranquil adult retreat when staging a home for sale. Professional Home Stagers create a mood in the master suite with emotional connection points. Here are some examples of how you might create a "spa-like" feeling in your master bathroom.

Stage for attractive online photographs.

Your Realtor will be taking pictures of the property for the online listing. Make sure your bathroom and all your rooms are picture perfect when the Realtor comes for photos. Great photos attract buyers to your property.

Sellers that enlist the services of a professional Home Stager have proven to attract more buyers and get offers faster. Homes staged by this Phoenix Home Staging Company sell in an average of 3 weeks. Several have sold in 24 hrs. after staging. Home Staging will always be a smart investment when marketing a property.

Home Staging will never cost as much as the first price reduction.

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